Adolescent/Young Adult Program

We have recently expanded our services to include adolescents and young adults. This is in response to the growing needs of adolescents and young adults who are exhibiting sexually addictive behaviors including, but not limited to, cybersex, pornography, compulsive masturbation, multiple sexual partners, and paraphilias.

Young people’s sexual behaviors are increasingly being impacted by the use of social media and related technologies. The ease, anonymity and accessibility made available to youth today has resulted in rapid escalation for some leaving them vulnerable to associated physical, financial, social, and familial risks. They become isolated and become increasingly reliant on the sexual behaviors to feel normal.

Our treatment approach incorporates evidence based practice interventions including Dr. Patrick Carnes TASK based model, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and family therapy. More specifically treatment typically includes the following:

  • A comprehensive initial evaluation that assesses the young person’s problematic sexual behaviors, motivation for treatment, and social/family dynamics.
  • Individual psychotherapy targeting identified problematic sexual behaviors, triggers and consequences, relapse prevention, and if indicated, trauma resolution.
  • Family and co-parenting treatment that addresses the impact of the addictive behaviors on the family and the tools to assist them in relapse prevention and recovery.

Adolescent and young adult sexual addiction is a complex and sensitive matter necessitating specialized treatment from trained providers. Our team of therapists are Certified Sex Addiction Therapists who collaborate with referents and other treatment providers in order to effectively treat this population.