Intensive Workshops

The Road to Sexual Health: Relapse Prevention Workshop for sex, love and relationship addicts.

A three-day workshop intended to address obstacles to healthy sobriety and tools to overcome urges, cravings, and fantasies.

STAR will be offering a three-day intensive psycho-educational and experiential workshop. Sex addiction is defined by repeated and often escalating sexual behavior patterns that are acted out with little regard to the personal or relational consequences that these actions create.  The toll sexual addiction takes ranges from emotional and physical, to legal, professional, and familial consequences.  It is not defined by the type of act or by the orientation of the patient, but more by the person’s inability or unwillingness to stop his or her problematic sexual behaviors despite the costs it is having in his or her life. Typically, a person suffering with out of control sexual behaviors often can have other addictions he or she engages in or has a history of treating past addictions and is now ready to address sexual issues that have become addictive.

Goals of the Workshop:

  • To provide hope through a step-by-step approach to address sex addiction
  • To develop an understanding  of the relapse process
  • To identify sexual acting out behavioral patterns and high risk situations that lead to slips/relapse
  • To gain specific skills to better manage triggers and consequences of acting out
  • To develop a relapse prevention and damage control plans

The ideal client is someone who has not been able to maintain abstinence from bottom line behaviors through more traditional outpatient methods and neither has the time, resources, or inclination to enter an inpatient program. this workshop will also benefit clients who have historically achieved sexual sobriety but have recently returned to their bottom line behaviors. Those with little or no treatment experience are also welcome to participate.