Partners of Sex Addicts

The focus of this group is to explore the impact sex addiction has on partners. Through a structured and safe environment, partners come together with others in similar circumstances to seek answers and support in your recovery from betrayal. Coping strategies that may have unwittingly allowed the addiction to thrive are explored as newer skills are developed and implemented. The group process encourages deepening self-awareness to address prior losses and traumas stemming from one’s family of origin. Developing and maintaining a support network that includes 12-Step meetings is expected. A minimum of a one-year commitment is needed to enter the ongoing Wednesday group.  Partners groups are offered on the following days:

  • Wednesday Partners: 9:30 – 11am
  • Thursday Partners: 6:30 – 8pm
  • Partners Intensive Workshop (6/10/16-6/12/16) Please contact David Lewis at 610-500-3548 for more info.

Individual therapy is also available.