Filters & Apps

Safe Browsing Filters

Content barrier software for Mac

Mac, PC and iOS compatible software featuring filters and reports (compatible with the iPad and iPhone)

Alternative safe browser that also has a monitoring feature with various levels of protection. An accountability partner can log into Mobicip’s website and get reports on the user’s history.

Utilizes cutting-edge Covenant Eyes software, which logs all web activity and sends weekly report to head of the household or
another designated partner for monitoring. Covenant Eyes software is user-friendly, reliable, extremely difficult to bypass, and does not affect surfing speed nearly as much as a filter does. Additionally, the WebChaver Group program allows a designated monitor to oversee that his group members are indeed using the Covenant Eyes software.

Web Sense
Send all Internet traffic through networking site that will not allow sexual sites to be accessed.

Recovery Apps

iRecovery app for iPhone
Specifically designed for sex addiction recovery, but can be used for any addiction.